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Chemistry: 1
Instructor: Robert Tompkins   
Welcome to Chemistry 1!
Contact Information
  • Teacher: Robert Tompkins
  • REV Phone: (909) 389-2500 ext. 32606
  • School email:

    • Email is the fastest and the best way to reach me!
About the Course
  • Chemistry is a college preparatory laboratory science course that explores the nature of matter and its interaction with energy. 
  • This course concentrates on chemical calculations, problem-solving, and laboratory experiences. 
  • This course is designed to fulfill the laboratory class requirement for entrance into most four-year universities and colleges.
How to be successful
  • Be in school every day
  • Bring laboratory manual, data book, & scientific calculator everyday
  • Get extra help  before and after school and during Intervention times when needed
What to expect
  • Homework assignments are posted in the classroom and on this web page in the "Homework" section titled "Schedule for Chem 1". or "Schedule for Chem A" 
  • Students should spend about 30-45 minutes on homework per night and studying for tests may require more study time.
  • In keeping with REV’s Whatever It Takes Program, it is the Science Department’s new policy for this year that if a student does not do an assignment the student will be required to attend the Intervention session until the assignment is completed.  Half credit will be given for late work.
  • All laboratory assignments are to be done in their data books.  Data books will be graded periodically through the semester.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to make-up work missed during absences.  Students must ask for missing assignments, and make up work according to the district policy.  If a student is absent on the day of a laboratory experiment, he or she will need to come in during office hours to get the data that was missed.
When to get help
  • Every morning from 7:00 am – 7:20am
  • After school Wednesdays through Fridays from 2:30pm to 3:30pm
  • Intervention Times on block days.
Grade Breakdown
  • Exams                       50%         
  • Experiments               30%         
  • Assignments               10%         
  • Final Exam                         10%
What’s my grade?
  • Check the Aeries/ABI Parent Portal
  • Send teacher an email requesting a grade breakdown
  • Call teacher and leave a message
  • Have your student bring home a grade print out
Needed for Chem 1
All students need a spiral-bound notebook for use in Chem 1 and Chem A. It can be wide-ruled or college-ruled, 1 subject or more. A 5 subject size, 180 sheets, will probably be enough to get through the year. If you get the smaller ones, you will probably need more than one. You need it by Monday the 15th.

All students also need a data book. This needs to be a Composition book style, with graph paper, not lined paper. These are harder to find, but I saw some this weekend at Target for $0.99, but they only had about 20. Staples and Office Depot usually carry them. They sell these at the student store also. You need this also by Monday.
How Do I Bring My Grade Up?
“How Do I Bring Up My Grade?”
I am asked this question frequently. Here is my best answer:
  1. Tutoring-- Tutoring is usually available through the Career Center. The tutors are student volunteers who have taken the class before. One Paid tutors that I know of is: Heather Murillo, 909-709-4977,, She has been helpful to students in the past.
  2. Come in to see me in the morning. I’m here usually around 7 every morning. If your grade is low I would recommend coming in once or twice a week for a while. You could: ask questions about the homework, work on your homework and ask questions as you go along, and practice working calculation problems on the board.
  3. Complete all assignments.
  4. Sometimes students say that they finish all the homework, but still do poorly on tests. Just because you can answers the questions with your book or notes open in front of you, doesn’t mean you can remember it all when the test comes around. You need to remember everything without looking at the book. Here are a few tips:
    1. Make flash cards for vocab. Use them to study.
    2. Practice doing the calc problems without looking at the book or your notebook. (Yes, that means doing some of the ones you already did.) If you can do them without looking at the book, you are going to pass. Come in before school and do a couple problems at the board.
    3. Look at This web site was created by a professor at a university in Minnesota. It contains many tips and techniques. Try one or two. If they work, keep doing them. If not, try another.
    4. Create a study group. Sometimes it’s best if your bestest friends are not in your study group because when you are with your friends you don’t always stay focused. Members of a study group can help each other be accountable. They can help each other understand.
    5. Sitting and watching TV with your book open in front of you does not constitute “studying”. Studying takes place with the TV OFF and your phone/iPod/music OFF.
  5. Some people find Chemistry difficult. All of you are capable of succeeding, but it may take some extra effort. If you’re not willing to put in the extra time, you are going to struggle.

If I think of anything else, I’ll update this list.
Discussion Topics
 Balancing Equations
Notes on how to balance chemical equations
 California Standards Test
REView stuff for the CST
 Chapter 02
chapter 2 stuff
 chapter 03
chapter 3 stuff
 chapter 04
chapter 4 stuff
 chapter 05
chapter 5 stuff
 Chapter 06
Chapter 6 Stuff
 Chapter 08
Chapter 8 stuff
 Chapter 10
Chapter 10 stuff
 chapter 11
Chapter 11 stuff
 Chapter 12
Chapter 12 stuff
 Chapter 16
Chapter 16 stuff
 chapter 18
 Chapter 20
Chapter 20 = REDOX
 Chapters 13 and 15
Chapters 13 and 15 stuff--Solutions
 chapters 13, 14--Gases
chapter 13 stuff--Gases
 Chapters 22-24
Organic Chemistry
 Final Exam - 1st Semester
Stuff for reviewing for the 1st semester final exam
 Final Exam - 2nd Semester
Stuff to review for the final exam for second semester.
 California State Standards for Chemistry rtf.rtf
Here is a list of the California State Standards that will be on the CST. (exclude the starred ones)
The Common Ion Chart
 curriculum paper chem..doc
Here is a copy of the Curriculum Paper for Chem 1
 How to get an A or B in chemistry a 2.rtf
How To Get An A or B In Chemistry???
 Tips to prepare for a test.rtf
How to Prepare for a Test
No "Homework" exist(s)

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